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About Getaway Golfer:

A passion for golf and travel

Thanks for stopping by to find out a little more about Getaway Golfer. They say you should always follow your passion, and that’s why Getaway Golfer exists.

My name is Mark Hirst and I started Getaway Golfer because I wanted to teach myself how to build a website. When I started, I had zero skills and was armed with nothing but a strong desire to learn.

And so Getaway Golfer was born.

I’m a one-man team and handle everything myself. That may change in the future. If you’d like to help me grow Getaway Golfer, please get in touch; I’d love to remove some of my mug shots from this page!

I love researching golf courses and hotels from around the world, and my biggest passion is to help other keen players create the golf trip of a lifetime.

Every week I’m adding new destinations and the ultimate goal is to cover the entire world.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, so if you want me to research somewhere that hasn’t been featured yet, reach out and I’ll add it to my list.

Mark Hirst


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When you book through our website, we may receive a commission. This allows us to keep the lights on and provide you with great deals on golf courses, clubs, and hotels. We only recommend products and services in which we have a strong belief, and our recommendations are always based on what we believe is best for you. Thank you for your help!